Film & Multimedia Workshops

Synarcade Audio-Visuals creates and runs film and multimedia workshops for diverse communities both nationally and internationally. One of Synarcade’s aims is to empower and give ‘a voice and presence’ to young people through multimedia… and to help them explore new ways of expression and communication.

*Upcoming Workshops: New York July 2013. Click here

Previous Workshops:

• Shanghai, China - March 2013
• Australia - May 2012
• Kenya, Uganda, Mali - January 2012

In early 2012, Mark Bolotin, artistic director of Synarcade Audio-Visuals, ran a series of unique film workshops in Kenya, Uganda and Mali for children from disadvantaged communities, orphans and those living with HIV.



Other Workshops/Mentoring

• Astute Mentors "Make a Film in 3 Days" Workshop (2012)

• Private multimedia mentoring (2009-2012)

• Teacher for Channel Free film workshops, Metro Screen (2005-2007)

• "The Art of VJing" workshop for ResFest Internatioanl Digital Festival Dendy Newtown. (2005)

Plan Australia's "Children as Partners" Youth Participation conference. Synarcade took six underprivileged children from around the world and taught them all the skills necessary to tell their stories through film.

"Interface Media Festival" - Synarcade helped organise multimedia for this event.


"Synarcade's professional, creative and down-to-earth approach in training and coordinating the doco crew and producing the inspirational conference documentary DVD personified what Plan Australia is all about...."

Jen Hanrahan, communications officer, Plan Australia.

+ 89.3 Eastside FM Radio interview: about Mark Bolotin (Synarcade's director)

~ Synarcade also can be contacted for private multimedia and film tutoring. ~




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