The Cult / The Lumiphonic Creature Choir

An exciting new collaboration is taking form between the Creatures and amazing audio-visual artist Fredo Viola in New York. The work is based on Viola's haunting new music and Bolotin's giant Lumiphonic Creature Choir instrument. Together, Fredo Viola and Mark Bolotin have created the visuals for a new multimedia performance, fusing Viola's cluster visual techniques with Bolotin's Creature projection mappings.
It's early but exciting days ... stay tuned, more to come soon!


Sept 25th 2013: Showcase and Salon at The Red Door, Chelsea, New York

Thank-you to everyone who came to the launch of Hyphen Hub and the salon for 'The Cult/The Lumiphonic Creature Choir'. It was an amazing sell-out evening in NY!

*** And a special acknowledgement and thank-you to Fredo Viola and his incredible role during the night. Not only did Viola write and perform the music at the launch, he is also a truly accomplished visual artist, bringing his cluster visual technique to the fascinating collaboration. Twelve surreal hats are doffed to him. ***

Please check out Fredo Viola's award-winning website here


Viola performing "The Cult/The Lumiphonic Creature Choir" Sept 25th, The Red Door, New York.


The night featured Fredo Viola (vocals/glock), Mark Bolotin (Lumiphonic instrument), Alexandra Filipe (vocals/glock), Rhys Tivey (trumpet/rock); with Tim Bruniges (sound), Steve Ovenden (lights), Brian Fernandes-Halloran (production manager). Special thanks to Hudson Bennett, Hector Garcia, Yuri Bolotin, Lewis Rawlings, all the good people at The Red Door - Giorgio, Raul & Ian, and Asher Remy-Toledo.


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