The Lumiphonic Creature Choir
is a giant, twelve-headed, audio-visual invention
that performers and audience members can directly play and interact with.

It can be staged as both a full-length multimedia rock opera... and an interactive community installation
where audiences record their own faces and voices and become one of the Creatures.

New York Hall of Science

TEDxSydney. Photo by Catherine McElhone

Sneak peek of new rock opera, 2019.

TEDxSydney 2018


Some recent incarnations:
• Presented at TEDxSydney, June 2018.
• Staged as 'The Museum of Faces', Brooklyn, New York, 2016.
• Commissioned Honorarium project for Burning Man 2015, Nevada, U.S.
• Invited to do a showcase at SXSW, Austin, Texas, 2014.
• Showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia, 2014.

• Supported Moby for 'Surreal', Brooklyn, New York, October 26 2013. images here
• Showcased at the Museum of Modern Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 2013.
• Performed at World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science 2012. images here
• Performed in the Bronx 2012.

The invention of the Lumiphonic Creature Choir has been featured in articles by PBS, Discovery, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, Intel, Make Magazine and more, as well as profiled in Francesco Murano’s survey of leading audio-visual work “Light Works – Experimental Projection Mapping” (2014).


Sketch 2009


Prototype 2010-2012

Burning Man 2015. © Image by Nicola Bailey

TEDxSydney © Image by JJ Halans

lumiphonic 2

Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, September 2012. Click here for more.

Creature Showcase, Union Square Park, New York City, July 2012.

Performing with Moby, Brooklyn, NYC, 2013






Outdoors, Bundanon Estate, Shoalhaven, Australia (2010).


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