Multimedia Theatre Student Workshops

Shanghai, China: February/March 2013

Multimedia theatre is the use of cutting-edge digital technology to create startling new forms of performance for the 21st Century. In February /March 2013, Mark Bolotin, award-winning multimedia director and founder of Synarcade Audio-Visuals, conducted a unique series of multimedia theatre workshops for schools in Shanghai.

The workshops were challenging, thought-provoking and highly fun for the students involved!

Ages: 12-18 years old.

Structure: Two Day workshop.
Day 1 - multimedia skills, techniques and knowledge
Day 2 - devising and staging a multimedia theatre piece

During the workshops students explored the following:

• Understanding multimedia theatre in the 21st Century

• Filming and projection-mapping skills for innovative theatre production

• Using digital technology to create unique forms of actor and audience interactivity

• Devising and staging hybrid multimedia theatre pieces for students




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"Synarcade's professional, creative and down-to-earth approach in training and coordinating the doco crew and producing the inspirational conference documentary DVD personified what Plan Australia is all about...."
Jen Hanrahan, communications officer, Plan Australia.

Synarcade is no doubt experimenting with technology and successfully integrates aspects of VJ culture into their multimedia productions. What is quite unique however is that their style and concept opens it up to a different audience, who are not standard theatre audiences or those that would necessarily engage in hybrid arts practices. It is incredibly accessible …."
Virginia Hyam, Studio Executive Producer, Sydney Opera House

"This form of innovation that both draws upon research into the experience of everyday life and yet retains the immediacy and openness of live performance should be recognized as at the forefront of contemporary artistic practice today.”
Dr.Charles Merewether, Artistic Director & Curator, 2006 Biennale of Sydney

+ ABC 702 Radio interview: Mark Bolotin (Synarcade's director) and James O'Loghlin:

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