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The Lumiphonic Creature Choir at the New York Hall of Science 2012

In Sept 2012, The Lumiphonic Creature Choir played in the Great Hall of the New York Hall of Science for Maker Faire.
The Great Hall is an incredible digital cathedral of soaring blue-stained glass and concrete built for the World Fair.

Lumiphonic Creature Choir Synarcade

So I (live) at Maker Faire, New York City 2012

An overview of The Lumiphonic Creature Choir at Maker Faire, New York City 2012


Eight shows were performed over the course of the weekend. In between the shows, audience members could interact directly with the creatures.

Over 30,000 people attended Maker Faire in New York City.

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Alexandra Filipe Lumiphonic


lumiphonic hussein
lumiphonic bozek
lumiphonic creature synarcade
lumiphonic filipe bolotin lumiphonic ben backus
lumiphonic creature choir

Blueberries after the event...

...two left!

With Mark Bolotin (vocals/keys/film/lumiphonic instrument),
Alexandra Filipe (vocals), Rich Bozek (drums/pads), Hussein Velaides (guitar) and Ben Backus (bass)
and also featuring Laura Bishop (arrangement/filmed vocals) and Ayesha Mehta (filmed vocals).
Costumes by Allison Walker. Videography by Sonia Ostrovsky.

Words and music by Mark Bolotin and The Lumiphonic Creatures.

lumiphonic bolotin

New Song, sneak peek: Clues About People (live) at the New York Hall of Science, 2012

New York artist residency supported by:

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