The Lumiphonic Creature Choir
is Synarcade's current new multimedia work where a group of musicians
and audience members both play, trigger and interact live with a giant twelve-headed audio-visual instrument.

It can also be used for education, interactive installations and innovative theatrical performances.

some incarnations:
• Honorarium project at Burning Man 2015.
• Red Door showcase, New York City, 2014.

• Supporting Moby for 'Surreal', Brooklyn, New York, October 26 2013. images here
• An exciting new collaboration with audio-visual artist Fredo Viola. enter here
• The Creatures at the New York Hall of Science 2012: enter here
• The Creatures in the Bronx 2012: enter here

Sketch 2009


Prototype 2010-2012

Burning Man 2015. © Image by Nicola Bailey

lumiphonic 2

Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, September 2012. Click here for more.

Creature Showcase, Union Square Park, New York City, July 2012.










With Mark Bolotin (vocals/keys/film/lumiphonic instrument),
Alexandra Filipe (vocals), Rich Bozek (drums/pads), Hussein Velaides (guitar) and Ben Backus (bass)
and also featuring Laura Bishop (arrangement/filmed vocals) and Ayesha Mehta (filmed vocals).

Words and music by Mark Bolotin and The Lumiphonic Creatures........

Outdoors, Bundanon Estate, Shoalhaven, Australia (2010).


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